Party Dress

The Allium

The Allium spotty skater dress, with its delicate flowers embroidered around the bust, is perfect for a night of dancing.

The Allium



This dotty doll like dress features a sheer bodice, puff sleeves, and a short length with lively tulle fabric. Delicate flower embroidery is used to shape the bust.

  • Neckline: Round 
  • Backline: Sheer, Round
  • Sleeve: Puff short 
  • Skirt: Short skater 
  • Fabrics: Spoted Tulle, Embroidered flower lace
  • Colour: White

When it comes to the design stage of your journey with Ella May London, you can see the sample of The Allium and decide which of its elements and materials you’d like in your bespoke dress.

Rather than simply recreate and fit The Allium to you, we suggest brides take inspiration and use that to inform a vision of their perfect wedding dress

From sketch to aisle

The Process




Once you have scheduled a consultation with Ella May, a relaxed complimentary discussion will follow. This first meeting comes with no obligation to work with Ella May London. The purpose is simply to get to know each other, share dress ideas, and delve into the design process. At this stage, the aim is to gain deeper insights into your vision, wedding day, and timelines. If you are interested in proceeding with EML, we will provide you with a bespoke proposal outlining your design schedule and pricing.




The next step is the design stage. Following the initial consultation, Ella May London will send an invoice for a 'design fee'; this goes towards the final price of your dress and must be settled before we put pencil to paper.

The design process is a collaborative exchange between the bride-to-be and Ella May. When it comes to styles, we are highly adaptable. We will work through sketches, design concepts, and fabrics to create the vision of your ideal dress.

Once we have finalised the draft of your bespoke design and selected fabrics, we will take your measurements and our dressmakers will commence in creating your toile.




In the proposal, we will outline a fitting timeline for you. This will be based on your specific dates and the complexity of your design. To proceed to the fitting stage, a 50% deposit is required.

This is when the enjoyment really starts. Bring a family member, or friend; the fittings are when we will gradually adapt and develop the dress until you feel completely comfortable and confident.

The first step will be an initial fitting, where you try on a toile version of your dress so that the design can be tested and perfected before cutting into your chosen fabrics.




By your wedding day, we will have meticulously hand-crafted a bespoke dress with you that perfectly fits.

Detailed instructions will be provided on how to travel with the dress and care for it. The final cost of your dress must be settled before collection.

The Ella May London team will be on call before and during your wedding day should you need their guidance.




We don't believe a wedding dress should be worn once and then left to gather dust in a cupboard.

A timeless piece should be worn many times. So, after your wedding, if you wish, please get in touch, and we can discuss adjusting your design...Whether it is shortening, refitting, or even dyeing it, allowing you to wear your bespoke dress again and again.